We need tech
to run for
social good

For a better recognition and acceleration of social innovation in the European innovation framework.
For an acceleration of collaborations between Tech actors & social innovators.
For a sustained digital transition of European non profits.

#MakeItForGood, a new narrative for an inclusive European economy

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Tech is broken

Education, climate change, migrations : humanity is facing great challenges that cannot be met by technological progress alone. The European Union, once a model of cooperation between peoples, peaceful and socially efficient political construction, is losing ground.

To be revived, the European project must be exemplary if it wants to really achieve becoming the champion in the fight against climate and societal upheavals and propose an efficient alternative model in the existing « Tech War » between the American and Chinese giants.

Social sciences and social innovation experts are ahead of the curve and need to be supported in skills and funded by profitable sectors. Social innovation is a European asset for creating local and sustainable jobs.

By breaking down the barriers between the worlds of technology and social innovation, sharing skills, practicing true collective intelligence, we can find quick solutions and rebuild a solid European model, an alternative to the Silicon Valley priorities, which creates shared value.

Our proposals for the next European mandate: a new European social model through the development of a Social Good + Tech for Good sector alliance

Read & contribute to our manifesto ➡️

What we can
do together

European transition must be seen as an urgent, radical, symbiotic and global change, and tackle environmental, social and technological issues. In this prospect, we believe Europe has to make the digital transition and the change of scale of social innovators a priority for the next term of office, by increasing exchanges between Social innovators and the European Technology sector with clear quantitative and qualitative objectives.

We count on the next Members of the EU Parliament, the Commissioners and the Member States to :

Promote solutions provided by social innovation with innovation circles & accelerate it with the help of technological tools.
Get social & environmental innovation recognized as equal to technological innovation, as a transversal and systemic form.
Facilitate skills exchange & co-innovation between technological skills holders and social/environmental skills holders.

All Together, Tech actors and social innovators, we can promote these proposals towards candidates for the next European elections in 2019

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the Web Summit

Social Good Accelerator, a French initiative of European interest, presents the “Social Innovation Village” at Web Summit 2018: a 90-person delegation with an exhibition of 24 social innovation projects and various inspiring events, to pledge for “More Social Good in Tech, More Tech in Social Good”.

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