About us

The Social Good Accelerator is a European association born from a collective initiative created at the 2017 Web Summit with the support of the Foundation “La France s’engage”.

This year we will be 90 representatives working for social innovation at the Web Summit. Together with the European Commission, associations, social entrepreneurs, social innovators and foundations, we are committed to work together in order to encourage the actors of Social and Technical Good and to create innovative solutions in Europe.

Our 2 objectives : to create a bridge between…

  • Actors of social innovation: accelerating social innovation through digital transition
  • Tech actors: establish links with societal issues. Distill social innovation in any technological innovation project

Our missions

  • Inform and understand: Create a bottom-up and top-down information circuit between European institutions and actors in the field; Seek peer-to-peer relationships between Tech and SSE ecosystems in Europe (e.g. French Tech and SSE); Create connections between ecosystems. See DGI: Digital Social Innovation
  • Influence: Collect – through multi-stakeholder think tanks and a digital platform – concrete proposals for the European institutions and their Member States; disseminate the needs and expectations of the two ecosystems to match supply and demand.
  • Encourage meetings and create a shared community of values : Promote social innovation, raise awareness of the need for digital transition of SSE actors (circular economy) and engage in existing solutions in major technological events; lead an online and offline community.

Meet us at
the Web Summit

Social Good Accelerator, a French initiative of European interest, presents the “Social Innovation Village” at Web Summit 2018: a 90-person delegation with an exhibition of 24 social innovation projects and various inspiring events, to pledge for “More Social Good in Tech, More Tech in Social Good”.

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