The Social Innovation Village

Social Good Accelerator, a French initiative of European interest, presents the “Social Innovation Village” at Web Summit 2018: a 90-person delegation with an exhibition of 24 social innovation projects and various inspiring events, to pledge for “More Social Good in Tech, More Tech in Social Good”.

The Social Innovation Village, the place tech and social innovation will join forces at Web Summit 2018, is a collective non profit initiative created by the European association Social Good Accelerator, to advocate for better acknowledgement and acceleration of Social innovation within the European innovation framework.

The idea was born at Web Summit 2016, and had its first step last year alongside François Hollande as Chairman of the Fondation la France s’engage during Web Summit 2017.

Supported by the European Commission Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, Fondation la France s’engage, Fondation EDF, Accenture and Société Générale, the Social Innovation Village takes place within the Web Summit with 24 exhibiting projects – 8 per day with diverse status: non profits, foundations, universities, CSR R&D…all centered around a core partner booth.

These projects prove that tech can adapt to general concerns and tackle issues like improving citizenship, environment, or social issues. Several are R&D funded by H2020 program, while others are startups or associations undertaking social issues such as caring for the homeless, water sanitation or youth employment thanks to tech or non-tech solutions. Every project could see their impact accelerated with tech partnerships.

At Web Summit

Tuesday, November 6th is the big day at Web Summit! Social Innovation community officially delivers their Declaration to Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation on the Forum Stage at 1.30 pm (Conference “Social Innovation: Achieving a Triple A rating for Europe”. Afterwards, on the same stage, Carlos Moedas, Mounir Mahjoubi, French Secretary of State for Digital Affairs, Monique Morrow, President and co-founder of The Humanized Internet, along with the Social Good Accelerator’s President Jeanne Bretécher, will discuss on how to put “More Social Good in Tech, more tech in Social Good”. They will then visit the Social Innovation Village and meet with the projects.

The Delegation has also organised several evening side-events at Casa do Impacto, the new philanthropic accelerator in Lisbon alongside with our amazing partners:

#MakeItForGood: launching a study and pledge at Web Summit 2018

The first ambition of the Social Good Accelerator association is to create an inventory and explore the motivations and impediments of collaborations between tech actors and social innovators in Europe. The first results of our study operated by ProbonoLab and Agence Phare will be presented during this event.

During the evening, the association will also launch their European Study to “Explore Existing Collaborations, Potentialities and Impediments between Tech Actors and Social Innovators in Europe”. This study goes alongside our global Manifesto – #MakeItForGood – addressed toward Tech and Social innovators to accelerate these collaborations and the weight of Social innovation within European innovation assets. The more support we get, the faster the acceleration will be!